Screaming Maldini (Alcopop! Records)

Screaming Maldini are different, and not in the usual “oh, this band are different” kind of way. Led by the genius song-craft of multi-instrumentalist Nick Cox, they’ve carved out a sound that is as unique as it is poppy and exciting as it is intelligent. From gigs in Cathedrals accompanied by forty-piece orchestras, to acoustic garden parties in the middle of France, they’ve invited audiences into their sound world and people have gladly followed.

Maldini combine five-part vocal harmonies and lyrics that read like something out of a long-lost Brothers Grimm note book, with trumpets, organs, strings, glockenspiels, guitars, drums, percussion, bass, and piano, to orchestrate the most epic pop hooks and choruses imaginable. In female vocalist, Gina Walters, they have one of the most beautifully captivating and distinctive voices out there, capable of silencing a whole room of chatter within a few notes. They’ve confounded the pigeon-hole-obsessed music media and are on a march to claim the mainstream for their own.

After two critically acclaimed EPs at either end of 2010 on Oxford’s Alcopop! Records, and a 2011 EP on Lille’s Hip!Hip!Hip!, Autumn 2012 will see the group release their long-awaited self-titled début album. The record is packed to the brim with beautiful, energetic, and soaring melodies, glorious,sweeping, inventive harmonic progressions, and some stunning, imaginative, and genre-defying arrangements. No two songs sound the same, but all of them are unmistakably ‘Maldini’.

They are a group who have to be heard to be believed. We cordially invite you come on in, leave your troubles at the door, and dive ears-first into the world of Screaming Maldini.

You won’t regret it.

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