Hiatus & Shura

After the huge success of Hiatus’ solo album he teamed up with nightfolk singer Shura on their first collaboration a project that started long before the pair had actually met.

Their story begins in north London in 2009. Hiatus is standing speechless after having witnessed the hushed spiritualism of Shura’s looped vocals and haunting guitar lines for the first time; he fights his way to the front of the crowd, but the singer has fled the building before he gets there.  Fast-forward two years and Hiatus – real name Cyrus Shahrad – bumps into an engineer friend who happens to mention that he’s recording with a girl called Shura. Hiatus says that he’ll drop everything if the engineer will send him some vocals to work with.

Highlights from the campaign included co-hosting Shorditch Radio, coverage in The Beat, Hold Your Horses, Mozart and Pollux, Nerdy Frame and Hiatus’ mix being the opening video for Panda Lounge new youtube channel along with over 40,000 youtube views for their Fortune’s Fool video.

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