Press Releases

The Daydream Club: Found EP 28th October 2013

Allman Brown (Akira Records): Sons And Daughters Feat. Liz Lawrence 02nd September 2013

The Chapman Family: This One’s For Love 03rd June 2013

GIL featuring Shaun Escoffery: Nature’s Call 31st May 2013

Victoria and Jacob (Fika Records): Festival 27th May 2013

Strangers: Something New 13th May 2013

Hiatus: Parklands 13th May 2013

Hiatus Feat. Shura: We Can Be Ghosts Now 29th April 2013

Jack Savoretti: Not Worthy 25th March 2013

Fairchild Republic: Arcadia EP 25th March 2013

My First Tooth (Alcopop Records): Heartbeat Retreat 04th March 2013

Chapman Family: Free single ADULT & February Tour 2013

Jack Savoretti: Changes 17th December 2012

Shout Timber: Rich Man 10th December 2012

AMP announce T-shirt printing business

Limbo Kids: Wanderlust EP 12th November 2012

Shout Timber: East India Trading Company 29th October 2012

Screaming Maldini (Alcopop! Records): Summer Somewhere 15th October 2012

Jack Savoretti: Breaking The Rules 01st October 2012

Goldierocks Official Press Release (Paralympic Opening Ceremony)

Eye Emma Jedi: SIN 27th August 2012

Billy Vincent: Dead Man’s Shoes 20th August 2012

Strangers: Safe/Pain 20th August 2012

Rebel Sonix vs Geek Boy and Whiskey Pete: 23rd July 2012

Films of Colour: Running 16th July 2012

The LaFontaines: Light Up The Background 25th June 2012

Hiatus feat. Smoke Feathers: Change Up 04th June 2012

Jack Savoretti: Before The Storm 04th June 2012

Rebel Sonix: Back It Up EP 21st May 2012

Anison: Memory Flashes: 30th April 2012

Strangers: Shine On You: 16th April 2012

The Colour Movement: Future Man / Roots 02nd April 2012

Tigercats (Fika Recordings): Full Moon Reggae Party 02nd April 2012

Rebekah Delgardo: Sing You Through The Storm 26th March 2012

Mike Marlin: Steve Mcqueen 12th March 2012

Young Astronaut: Fawn 12th March 2012

Rebel Sonix: Waiting For Jah EP 05th March 2012

Mike Marlin: Man On The Ground 13th February 2012

Mike Marlin: This Town 23rd January 2012

[STRANGERS]:Promises ft. Lara Smiles 12 December 2011

Films Of Colour: Slow Burn 12 December 2011

Don Scannell: Mystery 05th December 2011

Alphabet Backwards: British Explorer EP 28th November 2011

Mike Marlin: The Magician 17th October 2011

Hiatus + Shura: Fortune’s Fool 10th October 2011

Mike Marlin Single Launch Party 28th September 2011

Films Of Colour: Capital 25th July 2011

Rebel Sonix: Free Spring 2011 Party V-Mix

Robots in Disguise: Chains 27th June 2011

Sam Hall aka Goldierocks BBC Radio 1 debut

The Low Suns: Never Gonna Care 30th May 2011

Sweetheart: The Avenue 30th May 2011

Mike Marlin: No Place Like Home 23rd May 2011

Burn The Fleet: River Song 09th May 2011

Hiatus: Insurrection (featuring Linton Kwesi Johnson) 25th April 2011

Mike Marlin supporting Big Country April 2011 tour

The Low Suns: Never Gonna Care teaser

FuzzyLogic: Drunk Man’s Speech 07 March 2011

Mike Marlin supports The Stranglers on their March 2011 tour

Mike Marlin: Nearly Man 14th February 2011

Mike Marlin: Play That Game 07 February 2011

Goldierocks AAA access to Brit Awards 2011

Hiatus: Music For A Film Free Christmas Day give away

Hiatus: Save Yourself 13 December 2010

Mike Marlin supporting From The Jam for 12 date’s in December 2010

Mike Marlin: Stayin’ Alive 22 November 2010

Goldierocks’ The Selector Launches on NME Radio

Burn The Fleet: Black Hole 04 October 2010

Mike Soul: Look Into The Mirror 13 September 2010

New Season: Hold My Hand 08 November 2010

Will and The People: Morning Sun Summer 2010

The Dirty Disco: White Room 23 August 2010

Goldierocks signed up by 4music

The Revellions: Sigh’s 09 August 2010

GIL: (featuring Ny) Born Yesterday 26 July 2010

City Boy Soul: No Regrets (Who We Are) 31 May 2010

Will and the People: Mr Sketchy 24 May 2010

Will and the People: General Erection 2010

Will And The People: Addicted 22 Febuary 2010

GIL: (featuring Bluey Robinson) Gotta Be A Way 18 January 2010